Christian Heesch – Four Reasons to Consider Collecting Stamps with Your Children

Life-long New York resident Christian Heesch knows that for many people, stamp collecting appears to be a frivolous hobby with no real-world implications. However, there are numerous benefits to those who enjoy collecting stamps that can easily be shared with children to create both learning and bonding moments, such as the following:

  • There are many people who simply enjoy the process of making new discoveries, finding an old stamp that is particularly meaningful, or even those currently being used that are, for one reason or another, rather interesting. At the end of the day, it’s a treasure hunt, and engaging in an activity with children that requires curiosity and wonder helps them continue to think imaginatively as they grow up.
  • Sorting and organizing stamps can relieve stress, as it’s a simple activity in which the brain can be turned off while working toward a tangible goal. Stress-relieving activities are both valuable for adults and children to maintain a healthy work/life balance.
  • Collecting stamps can be educational if viewed through historical context. They are representative of history, art, environment, mythology, geography, and much more. Stamps tell the story of a specific place, and viewing them next to each other can even lead to a narrative arc if read carefully.
  • Collecting stamps is a great way to connect with people across the world. Find a pen pal in a different country and write letters with your child.Christian Heesch is a marine biologist. He is a New York native and has just completed a Ph.D. program. He looks forward to teaching at the university level one day.